***** Prof.Hans Nickel offers special preparation courses for students preparing to audition for orchestral jobs (Probespiel Vorbereitung). Students wishing to take part in these group and individual lessons should contact Nickel direct for information. e-mail: hans@hansnickel-tuba.com or phone +49(0)172-2463378. Students wishing to study with Prof. Hans Nickel should contact either the appropriate teaching institute (see Contact) or Nickel direct. Nickel´s recently qualified students are holding positions in top European orchestras, including the Concertgebouw Orchester in Amsterdam, the Radio Orchestra in Athens, opera house orchestras in France incl.Marseille and symphony orchestras in Germany, Japan, Korea and Belgium as well as in Military Bands.




Contact:             Postfach 100406          D-52004 Aachen

or call:


+49 172 2463378 +49 172 2463378



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